Obama Provides Affirmative Action Healthcare


Obama Provides Affirmative Action Healthcare by Kevin Jackson

In light of Obama’s recent comments regarding the role of the courts, it’s becoming pretty clear that Obama received an Affirmative Action legal degree from Harvard, and he doesn’t know how to count.

As they say in the country, “An ignorant feller is hell bent on proving his limitations.” Obama is proving this old witticism.

Obama said the court would take an “unprecedented, extraordinary step” if it overturns the [ObamaCare] law, because it was passed by “a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Obama must be reading his own Truth Team propaganda because as it turns out, ObamaCare barely passed the House, and no Republican voted for it. Lack of math skills notwithstanding, Obama’s opinion of “unprecedented, extraordinary step” has me perplexed as well.

Obama can’t believe that unelected judges, two of whom he appointed, don’t have the ability to overturn what he deems the will of the Congress (supposedly the will of the people). In fact there is precedence of courts overturning bad legislation, and overturning bad legislation is not that extraordinary. Simply put: It’s been done quite a few times before.

I won’t bore you with the history lessons, except to say that overturning legislations is exactly what the courts are for.  What’s scary is that Liberals put a guy in charge of this country who doesn’t understand the separation of power. Obama may truly not be smarter than a fifth-grader. Or maybe he is?

For some time now Obama has been trampling on the Constitution. He’s alluded to the Constitution being antiquated, and in need of an overhaul. All the ObamaCare battle did was highlight the obvious, what Obama had been telling us all along. But is it really Obama’s fault? Why shouldn’t he ignore the parts of the Constitution that doesn’t fit his vision?

So far, other than the shellacking by the people in 2010, Obama has pretty much gotten everything he’s wanted, coddled by both Congress AND the Supreme Court.

Just recently Obama by Executive Order initiated the National Defense Preparedness Act that allows him to essentially take over all the industries in “preparedness” for war. Given that America will forever have to defend herself, this EO constitutes carte blanche, and gives Obama the ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants.

Leave it to Obama to exploit the authority granted to the President in the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to confiscate and control virtually every means of human survival at the whim of either him or one of his Secretaries’ with no war or national disaster necessary. Where is the outrage from Republicans, why aren’t the courts challenging Obama on this?

There has been discussion on how Obama might want to cancel the elections of 2012, given an “unforeseen” crisis, and who’s to stop him?

Obama proves daily that he could care less about the rights of the little people…those to whom he is subject. It’s thanks to the little people that we are even debating ObamaCare. Because Obama and his minions figured the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act was a slam dunk. Instead, what Obama got was the ugly child that even his team now calls ObamaCare.

Nobody believed that America’s healthcare system was as Obama said. Where would you go for the best healthcare? Cuba? China? Russia? Most Americans recognized ObamaCare for what it is: A money grab.  ObamaCare has the ancillary benefit of giving the government even more control over its citizens, literally controlling life, death, and everything in between.

Don’t believe me; just ask yourself why the government wants to regulate gold as part of ObamaCare. Can’t have people buying and hoarding a resource beyond government control, now can we?

Obama’s own people can’t decide if ObamaCare is a tax or if you just have to pay the penalty on this “commerce” for your health. Obama and team have moved mountains in an attempt to convince the public that government can be made efficient, and that healthcare should be the test of the New World Order, and they have spent our tax money to do so. ObamaCare has been compared to the post office, which ironically is losing money and considering eliminating Saturday mail delivery. ObamaCare motto: Just don’t get sick on the weekend!”

Obama then tried to compare ObamaCare to car insurance, something people don’t have to carry if (1) they are too young to drive, and (2) they don’t own a car. When that argument failed, Obama needed reminding that a car can kill or do damage, however an individual’s health generally speaking doesn’t affect another’s. And there are dozens more reasons why government shouldn’t be in the business of picking healthcare winners and losers, as certainly Obama’s green energy picks would validate.

Government has far too much control of our lives, but the prospect of government controlling our deaths is what has many fearful, as they should be.

Obama’s statement is dangerous in that he really doesn’t understand how wrong he is. Obama uses the logic that ObamaCare is Constitutional, in that same way that Ted Bundy believed he was dating college co-eds. Welcome to the Era of Affirmative Action Healthcare.


Kevin Jackson is the National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, and an Amazon best-selling author, and blogger.




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